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At the current time, we only offer volunteer hours for teenagers, with exceptions for big events like our annual summer bash. We do not offer a regular volunteer schedule or volunteer hours for adults, and we do not offer reading to children, babies or shelving books as a volunteer opportunity.

Thank you. 

  1. The schedule of volunteer work hours of any volunteer at the library is dependent upon the availability of supervisors. The number of volunteers accepted is based on the amount of work and supervisory time allocated and needed.

  2. Volunteers should notify the Youth Services Librarian within 24 hours if they know that they will be late or absent. Failure to give such notice will result in loss of volunteer hours. You can reach Maureen Herman at (201) 288-0485 or by email at

  3. Volunteers must sign in and sign out of the volunteer binder.

  4. Volunteers are ambassadors for the library and must present a positive image to the public. It is expected that each volunteer’s dress and grooming will be appropriate for a business environment and in keeping with his or her work assignment. If, in the sole discretion of a supervisor or the Library Director, a volunteer is dressed in an inappropriate manner, they may not be permitted to work their shift.

  5. Volunteers are responsible for updating personal data, such as change of address or telephone number, etc., with the Youth Services Librarian.

  6. Volunteers agree that the library may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to terminate the volunteer’s relationship with the library, or to make changes in the nature of their volunteer assignment.

  7. To end a volunteer commitment, please notify the supervisor of that decision and the effective date.