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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to accept any donations at this time.

General Policy

The Staff of the Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights can only accept unconditional gifts. Any gift to which the donor has attached conditions, terms, limits, purposes or restrictions (conditional gifts) will be considered by the Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights Gift Committee. It is the prerogative of the Library Staff and/or the Board of Trustees Gift Committee to accept or reject any gift.

Books (Unrestricted Donations)

Unrestricted book donations in good condition will be accepted providing the donor understands that the Library will make use of these books however it sees fit. They may be included in the collection, discarded, sold in the Friends of the Library Book Sale or to a private dealer, among other options. Upon acceptance, the Library will give the donor a receipt for the books donated, however no dollar amount will be attached to this receipt. This includes unsolicited or donated sectarian material.


Unless otherwise designated, gifts of money, stocks, or securities will be added to the Friends of the Library Endowment Fund, and the donor will select the object(s) in the appropriate donor opportunity category, which they would like to have plated with the name of their designee. In the case of monies donated to name a room or area, the Board of Trustees Gift Committee will rule on the appropriateness of the name submitted. The only case in which the Gift Committee will not be involved in a conditional gift is when the monies are designated to purchase a book(s) in memory or in honor of an individual or organization; the donor may select the subject of interest for the purchase of the book(s), but not the title(s). Professional librarians will make the book selections.

Objects/Artwork/Landscaping Plants/Artifacts

All gifts in this category must be approved by the Donation Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Library. Upon acceptance the Library will give the donor a receipt for the items donated, however no dollar amount will be attached to this receipt.