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Loan Periods, Renewals, Overdue Fines & Charges

Materials can be returned in the Library itself, in the book boxes outside the Library in the Central Avenue parking lot entrance at any time, or to other BCCLS libraries.

NEW Books14 days1 Renewal$0.25
Books & Paperbacks28 days2 Renewals$0.25
Summer Reading List Titles14 daysNo Renewals $0.25
(Books on CDs)
14 days 2 Renewals $0.25
Blu-rays 14 days 2 Renewals $1.00
Music CDs 14 days 2 Renewals $0.25
DVDs 14 days 2 Renewals $1.00
DVDs – High Demand5 daysNo Renewals$2.00
DVDs – TV Series 14 days 2 Renewals$1.00
Video Games14 days2 Renewals$1.00
Magazines14 days2 Renewals$0.25

* Materials cannot be renewed if there are reserves for another patron.

Lending Regulations for Blu-Rays & DVDs

Borrower must be 18 years or older to borrow Blu-Rays and DVDs.

Borrower is financially responsible for all Blu-Rays or DVDs. $25.00 will be charged for a lost or damaged Blu-Ray or DVD; more expensive items will be charged accordingly.

Borrower agrees to abide by the copyright provision in Title 17, US Code, Section 501-506.

This institution will not be held financially responsible for any damage to a Blu-Ray or DVD player incurred while viewing our library Blu-Rays or DVDs.


Automatic renew is now available on eligible items.

  • Eligible items will renew automatically 3 days before their due date for the full loan period.
  • You will receive a notification via email or text if an eligible items has been renewed.
  • Notification is only via email or text, so be sure we have your current information in our system.
  • You can still renew eligible items at any time through your account at this library and through out

An item is not eligible for Auto-Renew if:

  • The item has reached its renewal limit.
  • The item is on hold for another patron.
  • Your card is expired.
  • You owe $10 or more in fines.
  • You have 10 or more items overdue.


All library material except reading list books during the summer may be reserved either over the phone, on the computer, or in person.

Inter-Library Loans

The Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights can obtain materials from other libraries throughout the United States, through the State Library, for Hasbrouck Heights residents. These materials are subject to their home library’s rules and regulations.

Replacement Fines

Hardcover books: $30.00
Trade Paperback books: $20.00
Paperback books: $10.00
Blu-Rays: $25.00
DVDs: $25.00

Additional Charges

Charge For:Fee
Replacement Card/Key Tag$5.00
Paid Membership Library Card$100/person**
Failure to pick up Loan Item$0.50

** Annual Cost